We are committed to your Relief, Relaxation & Results 

Your health and wellbeing is important to us and our professionally qualified Therapists are committed to ensuring that you leave  Kristina Jones Remedial Massage Therapy feeling better than when you arrived.

We also care about your health and wellbeing in between visits too which is why we continue to add Self Care Tutorials to our blog. By following our simple Self Care tutorials you will feel the holistic benefits of our treatments.

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Technique Swedish Massage


The goal of Swedish Massage is to promote the relaxation of your entire body. It includes our Therapists using long sweeping stokes that move in a similar direction to your bodies natural blood flow. Swedish Masssage is exceptional at increasing the levels of oxygen in your bloodstream and improving your circulation, while relieving muscle tension and decreasing muscle toxins.

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Myofascial Release requires our Therapists to apply gentle pressure to your bodies connective bands. 'Myo' means muscles and 'fascia' means band, which are the bands of elastins and fibre that connect our tissues, tendons, muscles and organs. Myofascial Release focusses on releasing the tightness and shortness of your bands to promote greater flexibility and postural alignment


The aim of Neuromuscular Massage is to decrease your muscle spasms by applying continual pressure in targeted areas with our fingers, knuckles and occasional elbows. Painful muscle spasms occur due to a lack of sufficient oxygen and blood flow and our Therapists use pressured strokes to restore your bodies natural function.

Technique Nueromuscular


Muscle Energy Techniques are commonly use in Sports Massage, however, can be helpful for a variety of non-sports related ailments as well. Muscle Energy Techniques involves you pushing against our Therapists in order to contract, release and lenthen your muscles to reduce pain and improve mobility. 

Technique Muscle Energy
Technique Joint Mobility


The goal of our Joint Mobilisation Techniques is to restore the pain free movement of particular joints that are causing you concern. This technique is focussed on reducing the likelihood of your joints becoming stiff and 'locking up'. Our Therapists use gentle techniques that promote the mobility and range of motion for your joints. 

Technique Remedial Exercise


Remedial exercise are specific and targeted exercises that our Therapists will give you to perform in the days following your treatment. Theses exercises form a critical part of your treatment plan and are put in place to ensure that you receive the maximum possible benefit from your massage therapy.

All of our Therapists are registered with the Australian Association of Massage Therapists and Medibank Private


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