Give the Gift of Health and Wellness

1.5 Hour Remedial Massage

Give the ultimate gift of health with a one and half hour remedial massage with free optional cupping.

1 Hour Remedial Massage

With a one hour remedial massage gift voucher with free cupping if desired can make anyone feel like brand new again.

45 Minute Remedial Massage

Treat aches and pains and get relief with a 45 minute remedial massage with free optional cupping.

30 Minute Remedial Massage

Short on time or in a lot of discomfort? A 30 minute remedial massage will provide a lot of benefits and fast relief.

1.5 Hour Relaxation Massage

Indulge the luxury of 'me time' let go of all worries and cares for one and half hours while enjoying this ultimate relaxation massage.

1 Hour Relaxation Massage

Enjoy the blissful peace and remarkable feeling of relaxation from head to toe with a wonderful one hour relaxation massage.

45 Minute Relaxation Massage

A 45 minute relaxation massage is the perfect way to promote calmness, improve sleeping and invigorate the feeling of wellbeing.

30 Minute Relaxation Massage

Feel refreshed and relaxed with a quick 30 minute relaxation massage and walk away with a renewed sense of calmness.

1.5 Hour Myofascial Cupping with Massage

Feel the complete benefits of myofascial cupping with a one and half hour treatment designed to stimulate and detoxify your body.

1 Hour Myofascial Cupping with Massage

Enjoy improved health and greater range of movement offered by a one hour myofascial cupping treatment.

45 Minute Myofascial Cupping with Massage

Have muscle tension released and improve circulation with a targeted 45 minute myofascial cupping massage.

30 Minute Myofascial Cupping with Massage

Relieve muscle tension and promote the flow of nutrient rich fluids with a 30 minute myofascial cupping treatment.

1.5 Hour Sports Massage

Improve performance, promote quicker recovery times and relieve aching muscles by indulging in the ultimate sports massage.

1 Hour Sports Massage

Be at the top of your game with a one hour sports massage designed with consideration of the type of sport being undertaken. 

45 Minutes Sports Massage

Have muscles rejuvenated and witness improved movement with a personalised 45 minute sports massage treatment.

1 Hour Lymphatic Drainage

Encourage the natural drainage of waste products with an hour of this gentle, soothing and rejuvenating treatment.

1 Hour Pregnancy Massage

Ease discomfort, reduce swelling and encourage better sleep with a beautiful one hour pregnancy massage, suitable throughout all stages.

$100 Gift Voucher

Give your loved ones the gift of health and wellness today!

$50 Gift Voucher

Treat your friends and family to a Treatment of their choice.

$25 Gift Voucher

Show them how much you care with a gift voucher.